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You Are of the Earth and the Stars

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Happy New Year

A new beginning 2017 it is asking us to awaken to our inner powers . It is a process of moving in the depths of our evolutionary design often recognized as an inner spirit a spark of the divine. This balance of our Earthly dance and becoming a higher vibrational being is quite complex yet as simple as our breath.
We must be true to our Earthly heritage at the same time embodying  what is infinite in nature. This is a higher power labeled through our personal divinity.
This time on Earth gives us the opportunity to tune in and know we are of the stars and of the Earth. We do not have to look outside ourselves but look further inward. What is reflected on the inside is acted upon in our daily life.
We have all felt the stir of the soul. This year is giving us an opening to bring into balance both the awakening of spirit and the embodiment of our personality self.  Navigating our lives from within stimulates our soul’s inner wisdom. We can begin by  acting upon and responding to a creative intuitive life, trusting your inner guidance.
Your inner guidance has the power to cure all disfunction and propel you into your future with purpose. Do not let the judgements of others discourage you. Find the confidence to shine. Be of the Earth look to the Stars and know your existence is  both.
Take time to synchronize  the heart beat of Mother Earth with the heart beat of You. Synchronize your inner light with the light of the Stars. As we balance a great shift will occur, leading us  to profound wisdom, uncovering ancient mysteries. It is a time of great healing.
You are here on Earth at his time to prepare for the future. Earth is our Mother she is here to sustain our life through the principle of abundance. Say yes to life and share in the beauty. Be of the light be of the Earth we are here to create. Be the creator, create from  what is stirring from within and what calls from above. Transform and grow the unfolding of evolution is infinite. Let your compass be of the heart and connect with life. Feel it in your bones feel it in the stones.
Merging both the human and the divine.
The mystery serves the imagination let yourself be free to create a life of harmony and peace.

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