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The Dragon’s Heart

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The Dragon’s Heart

My heart is tender and strong, it thrives from an inner tugging to dive beneath the surface.

As I enter the world alone, my heart remembers in song.

Exposing the life of fear, creating struggle as a masterful art.

No longer confronted by an absence of anger or grief, but a gentle relief to collect all of me.

No more than perfection can perceive the faintest call of weakness, nor my strength be a honest witness.

It builds like a dam, holding back a powerful surge

The tiniest of leaks, leads to an unsettled wave of a war ending in drama.

The body aches, absorbed in pain

Lead by a quiet whisper,” A ripple or a burst, do not be afraid.

The Dragon’s Heart belongs to you”

Born to defeat any unkind conclusion

Bold against the heat, I open to the breath of fire.

The eternal passage burns like hell, the Dragon’s Heart yearns to be held.

Be brave, a king emerges from the mystery of fate.

Welcome the fool, expose your wings, and allow in only the broken

My soul of power dives deep, eager to please.

Listen, a faint call, deep on the ocean floor

The Dragon speaks,

Death rushes to the surface, hurry taste the air

you must come back

The bravest of hearts draws close the mystery, vanishing a kingdom of illusions.

An ordinary key opens the gate, just beyond the prison of thought.

An infinite imagination awaits the day, among many of hearts, as powerful as any muse.
The Dragon’s Heart

Tami 2015

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