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The Art of Transformation

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Tami Hoffman

Soul Elevations

Integrative Breathwork

January 14, Integrative Breathwork

“Transform our ability to bring forth our highest ideals and manifest them in a world- it begins with how we think.”   -Jacquline Small

Each of us bring our own unique experience each of  our stories  can feel familiar and simple, but the complexity is infinite. Integrative Breathwork is a transformational process. It gives us an opportunity to blend the human and the divine. We create space to remember our own divinity and the power of creation. This power is not found by reaching outwardly, but turning our attention inward. The trajectory  inward is often guided by patterns of our psyche. Through self awareness we can feel our spiritual intention. We are drawn towards this higher vibration and with a desire to balance this energy with our everyday reality.

The breathwork is committed to expand our perspective, to heal patterns of negative thought formations and emotional traumas. This transformation can happen spontaneous  and sometimes with resistance, but change is evident. The soul’s intention rises up and meaning returns to our lives. A deep healing transcends our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

“You can not step twice into the same river” – Heraclitus

This quote reminds us everything is changing and we can be a conscious creator of our own transformation.  We all enter this portal of time space and the breathwork experience offers a safe interception of truth not bound by the ego’s influence. An exquisite channel of wisdom emerges as universal intelligence guiding us to a higher perspective.

The breathwork leads us to state of enlightenment, but beware the shadow must be revealed and darkness can prevail. The seas of emotions can turn into a storm and chaos disturbs. To note all is possible in our journey of the soul it teaches through the power of direct experience. Transformation is the opportunity to clearly see ourselves as the human and divine. Let the experience touch you spiritually.

“Without the transcendence and the transpersonal, we get sick…or else hopeless and apathetic. We need something bigger that we are to be awed by and to commit ourselves to”  -Abraham Maslowtami_header

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