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Weekly Yoga With Tami

  • Mondays: ¬†6pm -7:30pm Yoga & Tea
  • Tuesdays: 10am-11am Gentle Yoga, 12pm-12:45pm Meditation, 5:50pm-7pm Yoga & Tea
  • Thursdays: 10am-11am Gentle Yoga, 6pm-7:15pm Guided Meditation
  • Saturdays: 9am-10:30am Yoga & Tea

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Not only has Tami made her mark in Yoga, but her dedication to the life of a mystic, philosopher, and healer has expanded her natural gifts as an intuitive.

She developed a passion for the ancient philosophies of yoga, western mystery school, tarot, astrology, meditation, dream interpretation and Integrative Breathwork as a path of direct experience.

Her studies and teachings along with a deep level of practice give way to a well earned reputation for elevating the awareness of the soul. Her methods draw upon ancient wisdom with a modern day delivery. She is a spiritual guide transforming and healing matters of the heart.

Her classes, workshops, and individual sessions allow for an opening to the infinite wisdom of consciousness, with a deep emphasis on the natural energy of Love/Wisdom, the spirit of our soul.

IMG_1518Tami’s discovery of yoga began in 1994, when she participated in a six week session with Margret Hahn (Omaha School of Yoga). Her practice of yoga followed her on several moves over the next few years. Her first move was to Mexico City, Mexico. While in Mexico, Tami volunteered and worked for a Mother Teresa Orphanage. She devoted her stay in Mexico to her family , and her compassion for the children of the orphanage.

On her return to the States, Denver Co she quickly found her practice of yoga growing and worked for the Core Power Yoga Studio, in Highlands Ranch,Co. She made great connections in the yoga community and with the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She explored the exquisite beauty of Colorado with endless hikes and week-end skiing trips. The Rocky Mountains had a persuasive lure, and often times reminded Tami of a grand plan, a plan that only God could create.

Tami’s last days in Colorado brought on a series of life changing events. Faced with a difficult divorce, she was dealing with a deep source of loss and emotional turmoil. And without warning tragic struck! Tami faced even more loss, the death of her youngest daughter Abby, at the age of 19. Abby was killed in an automobile accident in Colorado.

Upon reflection Tami knows her yoga practice was a source of inner strength, she turned to the mat daily with her grief, looking for some small amount of healing through peace. She drew upon her children Ryan and Elizabeth and extended family and friends for external support and comfort.

During a daily meditation she was visited by her grandson Jaidyn’s voice, a voice of his soul, his message was clear “Come to Omaha I am here to help you heal.” Without hesitation Tami moved to Omaha. Jaidyn and his sisters Elle and Lily have been a great source of healing and comfort.

In Omaha Tami studied and was trained in yoga. Upon completion of the program, Tami was certified with the Omaha School of Yoga and received her certificate in Hyp-Yoga.

She is also certified In Soul-Based Psychology and Integrative Breathwork, through the Eupschia Institute, in Austin TX, studying under Jacqulyn Small. She also trained with Jacqulyn Small in the study of the Sacral Arts of the Western Mystery School ( tarot,numerology, astrology,meditation,and chakra energy).

Tami’s studies also include Astrology with local astrologer, Sue Moon. Tami studied with Sue Moon for about 3 years. Her training with Sue ended without notice when Sue made her transition to her next life, may she rest in peace.

Tami’s life experiences include some of her most gifted lessons, in emotional and spiritual well being. Through loss and grief Tami has been guided by beings of the other-side. Her gifts of communication with other life forms was made clear at an early age . She was blessed with a near death experience,( NDE) as a child, expanding her concepts of an infinite space of light and love. She has a strong understanding of what awaits us as we transition through our physical death.

She has had visions of the angelic realm as a small child and as an adult. Tami has a strong belief that these amazing and magical experiences give way to an infinite understanding of something more, the existence of our lives as spiritual beings. Her dedication is to those who need a guide along the way to elevate the experience of the soul.

Tami recognizes herself as a spiritual guide and soul coach. She is a seeker of the mysteries, her life has given her many experiences to help guide others on the path of direct experience. She embraces the transformational process as it increases our awareness of the Human and the Divine. To work with her is a mystical experience, elevating the soul and her natural empathic nature is not only nurturing, but life changing.

She currently is leading groups and coaching individuals, in Yoga, Meditation, Dreams Circles, Tarot, Breathwork, Intuitive readings and more.

Soul Elevations Creating Sacred Space!