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J Hope

Weekly Yoga With J Hope

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Beloved Yogi,

The only being who has power over my life is me. It is my intention to express myself exactly the way I see fit, for this life is mine to create in it what I desire. My hope for you is that you too are empowered in your own world to live how you choose and that you have support surrounding you in being yourself. May we all be who we are and do what we love!

In embarking on my yogic path, my purpose has been finding a deeper understanding on how to best inhabit this human vessel. This body I have resided in since 1987 is my only true possession I’ve had since birthing into this particular life cycle. My yoga practice is an expression of gratitude to this living organism for being my home and vehicle throughout these years here on Earth. My plan is to keep it thriving into a ripe old age. Aside from tending to the health of my physical body, my yoga practice has also assisted me in gaining better insight on what lifestyle habits to adopt that support the good health of our home planet. I view my environment as an extension of myself.

I understand your practice provides unique benefits to you within your own experience. In my class I ask that you honor your body and where it is at today. My yoga training is through Omaha Yoga & Bodywork Center where traditional Hatha Yoga is practiced. When the paths of mine and your yoga journey cross in this space, my class shall offer you safe guidance through a variety of yogic practices.

J Hope