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Pursue The Obstacle…..It Will Release You

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Travel Inward

Ganesh is the Hindu god who is the provider and remover of all obstacles. Typically he is seen in the form of an elephant.

Ganesh is the Lord (Isha) of all existing beings (Gana).

Legend has it that when given the task to race around the world or the universe, Ganesh did not find his way through the limitations of the outer world, but simply walked inwardly around Shiva and Parvati, his mother and father- who are source and the center of all existence.

“The secret to understand Ganesh as a provider and remover of all obstacles. Far too often the obstacles that we experience are presented in ways to remember our inner walk around source, not the outer race.” Mark Nepo

We in the West have this need to find a solution and most often we look to our outside experience to obsess or even desperately trying to eliminate the obstacles. Ganesh is asking that we embrace what is before us and move in the depths of or inner journey. Let go of our stubbornness to control and resist our deepest of gifts. The wisdom comes from our willingness to venture in an inner expression of knowledge.

“It is important to know Ganesh is the god of embodied wisdom, who knows the life of obstacles, of which he is guardian. Often Ganesh holds in his right hand one of his own tusk, which he broke off in a fit of anger and hurled back at he moon. But the moon spit it back at him, and he carries the broken piece of himself as a reminder of the earthly journey that no one can escape,” -Mark Nepo

Breathwork give us an opportunity to travel inward, like Ganesh to find our way through the obstacles, by taking our journey to interior of our inner teacher. Finding a deeper level of understanding to our outer limitations. Entering a door way of wisdom, an experience that does not deny or struggle or broken tusk , but finds the gift in our existence, transcending our obstacles to wisdom.

The process dares us to feel at a level that does not want us to conform, but to dance our unique presence and the heart opens and restores what has always been ours to receive. We begin to open to the human & divine. Do not miss the opportunity to create an inner life of spiritual dynamics.

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