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Integrative Breathwork

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So many questions surround the process of Breathwork. It can take on so many layers and demissions of awareness the possibilities are limitless. The process contains a unique presence through our journey of the expanded consciousness. Definitely an experiential form of healing. Restoring and reclaiming our natural abilities to see ourselves as powerful creators of our own lives. It is an inner journey and the depth of wisdom can carry us through  a transformational passage forever changing our lives.

The inward journey provides a scared space for  us  to see our personal power, heal emotional wounds due to trauma, connect to our universal guides, anything is available for our psyche  to experience so we can move forward and expand in our understanding of the self. This process often times creates an awakening of our spiritual path or expands or path as we already know it to be.

“Through the use of music, deep breathing, and symbolic art work, the deep strata of the unconscious mind can open and pour out its creative gifts. the two hour musical journey ( a carefully designed variety of evocative instrumental music and chanting) serves asa a projection screen. It provides a way for participants to free associate so that they can recall whatever it is they need to make conscious and clear. The merging of the psychological health and our inner spirituality is the key to living beyond soul loss, emotional pain and addiction.”- Jacquline Small

The Breathwork joins in a beautiful connection of ancient wisdom teachings of both the Western and Eastern philosophies.

Personally Breathwork has been my method of both spiritual and emotional health. Reclaiming both by inner and outer worlds in unison. It has given me the opportunity to work the light and dark aspects of the self (shadow work). Each time expanding in a world on an evolutionary transition. Becoming whole and owning all parts of myself. Healing old patterns that shaped me in my youth and into my adult self. There is actually a release on the cellular memory and any repressed parts of the personality self that have been unhealed. It can also benefit any collective unhealed energies  and patterns of belief’s that leads us to self defeating expressions. Examples we have lived to be true through cultural beliefs, religion, family, gender distinctions. any qualifying dis function of the collective universe.

This work is recommended for those seeking an expanded view of purpose and existence. It is a deep journey of the soul and personal. The heart is utilized to hold the space in a sacred balance of unconditional love. Truly an adventure for the  seeker of exoteric wisdom.

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