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Integrative Breathwork an Organic Alternative to Psychedelic Brew, Ayahuasca

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Integrative Breathwork

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Integrative Breathwork

Soul Elevations

Integrative Breathwork an Organic Alternative to

Psychedelic Brew, Ayahuasca


Psychedelic Brew, Ayahuasca the notion  is that  a slight variance between the two methods of healing occurs only through the application of a brew of psychedelic or some would classify as a drug. The word Psychedelic congers up many aspects through our cultural experiences or in our everyday conditioning. One must not forget the legalities of the drug culture in our country, when in comparison of the two methods of alternative health.

So as I begin I want you to know at the time of this article I have not been apart of the sacred ritual of Ayahuasca, but in my youth I have experimented with psychedelics.

I know my view is very affected by my choice to look at the variances of two unique ceremonies, notably because my life work is Breathwork and I have never experienced Ayahuasca. The interest of both methods has become evident in the people I have meant along my path, in a very familiar and similar effect.

I hold the sacred of both Integrative Breathwork and Ayahuasca. I have been guided through my own process of psychological exploration and emotional healing.

Intention, the focus of each individual’s approach to his/hers spirituality is a cue of why we are drawn to the method of exploration and emotional healing. Both processes hold the key of intention to why  human nature is attracted to an alternative method, through a selective immersion into the exploration of  consciousness.

The experiential unfolding is essential to the quality of one’s own journey.

I believe both processes lead way for the opportunity to create the movement of the new paradigm shift occurring inside ourselves and reflected in our outer reference view of the world, creating our reality.


Basically I love the facilitation of this work, for many reason. One is that I am a facilitator  holding space, but not creating your experience, you crate your  own experience.  I do not lead you down any rabbit hole you do that all on your own through you own grasp of the psyche.

The psyche will be a point where we can validate our own mind, consciousness and soul’s experience. Without doubt each time we enter in alter states of consciousness our lens of perspective is a direct link to our unique personal self and our soul’s intention. You cannot ignore the individual personal experience . The process meets us at the right moment of our present predicaments. It is not the job of the facilitator to set the scene, but to create sacred space for the breather to feel safe in his own interpretation of the state of mind. From the interviews I have conducted form the ayahuasca participates it is an inside job of one’s own creation and experience that leads to an ultimate state of transformation.

Both Breathwork and the Ayahuasca  journey through the lens of the participate is responsible for an affect and response. In both cases the trajectory of the work takes us to an alter state of consciousness.

Breathwork through the medicine of an organic pattern of breath  and drumming; and Ayahuasca through the ingested brew of Ayahuasca .

We must not leave out the sacred process of the production of Ayahuasca, it is done with spiritual intention and from a deep space of reverence of nature and the gods. It has been an intricate  part of Shamanism, a piece of deep knowledge and history for the people of Peru and South America. It is sacred medicine and creates amazing results depending on each individuals experience.

My training in Integrative Breathwork was through the Eupsychia Institute, Austin Texas, under the work of Jacqueline Small. I am so grateful for my experience and the brilliance of Jacqueline’s dedication and application of the Integrative Breathwork.


One can begin to form a connection to the process of Breathwork and the Ayahuasca experience.

  I believe my inquiry, including those who have experienced both processes, have come to a conclusion of the benefits or at least the similar awakening of the psyche and the power of the breath leading to an opening, creating alter states of consciousness.

    As we find our way through a world full of chaos , emotional discord and evidencing spiritual awakening, Integrative Breathwork can lean us towards a transformational process that expands the heart. The discovery of a heart based life connecting beyond the boundaries of ordinariness. Each layer giving way to the depth of our being. Unfolding to a deeper understanding of our call to live, guiding the inner mystic of our destiny. Showing us we are not alone in our desire to live from a place of love. We will find balance in the wisdom gained through the experiential grace of this Earth.

Benefits of Integrative Breathwork

• Depression and Anxiety

• Blocked Creativity· Grief

• Spiritual Awakening and Heart Opening

• Stress Related Symptoms

• Release of Past Programming

• Patterns of Addiction

• Couples and Intimacy – including Mother/child relationship

• Seekers of like minded Community

• Repressed Trauma

• Critical Life Transitions

Breathwork is contraindicated in the following cases:

1. Serious cardiovascular disorders: Uncontrolled hypertension, Aneurisms, History of Heart Attacks, Brain Hemorrhage, Myocarditis, Atrial fibrillation

2. Pregnancy

3. History of convulsive disorders

4. History of retinal detachment

5. Having an airborne contagious disease

6. Psychogenic Asthma without proper medication

7. Serious untreated Mental health issues including Psychotic or Bipolar disorders

Soul Elevations,  offers Integrative Breathwork once a month as a group. Or individual private sessions available.


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    Hi – my girlfriend and I are interested in attending the 9/30 breathwork class. However, we have tickets to the Bill Murray concert at 7pm. Is it feasible/advisable to head directly to this concert after the class? If not, we’ll see you next month. Thanks!


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