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Crystal Bowl Reflections

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Crystal Reflections
Discover the nature of vibration, the crystal bowls create a frequency sending out a wave that bounces into our cellular structure through sound.
It’s purpose is to align and balance the rhythms and tones of our natural state of well-being.
It is very exciting to receive deep waves of sound , each person is so unique and complex down to the level of matter or dis-ease they are supporting in their life.
For example the sound can find its self vibrating with vitality and when it connects to your sorrow or pain it can change the structure. “The strongest and purest form of vibration in any given  environment will bring all other like vibrations into uniformity with it.”-
But ultimately the body wants to find harmony and feels the  vibration so your cells begin to align with the frequencies of the bowls.  it becomes a symphony  of sound resonating in harmony. It becomes Sound Medicine.
People that experience The Crystal Bowl Meditation leave with a calmer presence and even a shift in their physical and emotional bodies.
I believe the Etheric body is deeply effected , because most people experience a place of deep meditation or even an out of body timeless space.
Come join us monthly at Soul Elevations for a Crystal Healing experience.
First Wednesday of the Month.
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