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Feathers Along My Path

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A few years back I could not help but notice feathers, appearing on my daily walks. It always took me by surprise and most the time I felt compelled to pick them up. I kept gather more and more feathers. Every time, each feather was a direct message from Spirit, reminding me I was on…

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The Hero from the Womb

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An ache or small heartbeat drowns in ecstasy, warm and watery, the flesh is easy and lovable An anticipation of something growing and wanting to birth. Not only from the inside but a amply supply of love entering from the outside, an invisible support, unable to touch or see, but a audible clear as a soft…

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The Dragon’s Heart

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The Dragon’s Heart My heart is tender and strong, it thrives from an inner tugging to dive beneath the surface. As I enter the world alone, my heart remembers in song. Exposing the life of fear, creating struggle as a masterful art. No longer confronted by an absence of anger or grief, but a gentle relief…

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Pursue The Obstacle…..It Will Release You

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Travel Inward Ganesh is the Hindu god who is the provider and remover of all obstacles. Typically he is seen in the form of an elephant. Ganesh is the Lord (Isha) of all existing beings (Gana). Legend has it that when given the task to race around the world or the universe, Ganesh did not find his…

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Meet Our New Teacher Kendall

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Hi I'm Kendall With a great desire to connect further with my inner-self and strengths, I began the journey of yoga. Thus far, my greatest enlightenment is the pure understanding that I am exactly where I need to be. I am a passionate Certified Child Life Specialist, which helps reduce stress and anxiety for children…

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